Letra da Música: Royal Station 4/16 - U2

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Well it's so hard to listen to these trains
Outside my window here it comes again
And it's calling me begging me
Follow me down the track
And it moans so dark and low
Baby ain't comin' back

Well I refuse to believe
It could happen to me and you
But it's lonesome and it's hard and it's true

I got this whiskey to take care of my lips
I got these long cool steel strings
At my fingertips
I ain't got nothing, I ain't got nothing
To soothe my aching soul
Except this screeching and screaming iron
To tell me where I ought to go

Well I refuse to believe
It could happen to me and you
But it's lonesome and it's hard... and it's true

And I hear the train sigh
And idle down below
Why your love is so sweet and wild
Is something I'll never know

And it sounds like crying
And it sounds like letting go
Oh, breathing and lying
Sinking and dying slow
And I watch from my window
Touching the cold glass sky
And as the train rolls down the track
I say...

Home, home
You wanna take me home?
Home, home
'Cause I wanna go, I wanna
Wanna, wanna, wanna go home
Home, home, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-home
I wanna go, I wanna love
Take, take, take, take, take me home
Home, no no no no no no no love
Hey, hey

(Take me home)
Home, home
No no no no no no no love
No no no, no no no, no no no love

Ha hah home, home
Home two three four

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