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Super Freak

but shes a freak though)
shes got angel eyes
with the baby face
(but shes a freak though)
i want my mama and daddy to meet her
maybe have my baby
man (but shes a freak though)
they keep talking about you because they
cant keep up with your pace
(hey) your my
super freak
super freak
your my
super freak

my mama taught me
everything fine aint the finest
and everything that shine aint a diamond
they say change come with time and I'm finding that most bitches take your kindness for blindness
yeah it feel good laying here beside you
digging deep all 9 up inside you
but we cant kick it
Out in public gotta hide you
'cause all my partners in the hood done tried you
its true that you cant turn a hoe into a housewife
well listen shorty maybe i dont want a housewife
they say that you a freak im thinking that they bout right
because that pussy so good
and your mouth tight
a pretty face
slim waist
and a stout nice
juicy ass that them niggas in the south like
shes super sexy
got a nigga thinking bout a wife
wearing all white
being with her for life

the main thing making niggas judge you
is the same thing that make me wanna love you
from the smell of your hair i wanna hug you
to the way you yell give it to me wanna fuck you
plus you aint trippin off a nigga 'cause he thuggin
thats why im twice as happy this relationship is so buzzin
but my partner say you trickin with his cousin
but nevermind i dont listen they be buggin
they find it hard to understand how the tip love
this gurl when I'm in and out stip clubs
maybe 'cause tip loves leave em with gurls
and in the morning they be wakin up with 6 gurls
they dont know we more like homies when we pick gurls
why he worried bout it he aint gotta make it his gurl
fuck what he think about you
i think you the shit girl
make me wanna bring another kid in the world
now ive been told every nigga in the streets know she nothing but a freak hoe
but when i look in them pretty eyes i dont see it though
now she done shown me some shit that i aint see before
but what we do behind closed doors is for me to know
all in all i decided ima keep her tho
im a fuckin grown man what im creepin for
just try me by the 4, that what I'm totin heaters fo
i die about her for a real good reason though
this how i feel let my partners and my mama know
keep it real all the disrespect has gotta go
i just respect that she a selfish she dont hide it
though she may have been a tad misguided
all she need is a little affection
a lot a direction
a nigga with a constant erection
and i done wasted plenty time contemplating second guessing procrastinating
i wanna buy a ring and pop the question..

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