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Stand Up Guy

Aye,(Aye) I know you dun kicked it wit alota niggaz befo (Aye)
But you aint never kicked it wit none like me dho
(Hey Hey)

I see ya baby tho you hands up high (high hey) if you wanna come and kick it with a stand up guy (guy hey guy)
Because the rocks gone glisten and the drops on 20's. Bend it over let it drop if you wanna go wit me
Sexy ladies throw your hands up high (high hey) if you wanna come and kick it with a stand up guy (guy hey guy)
Because it don't get better n****z don't hit cheddar like dat fella in da yellow purple label silk sweater

This snow keep glowin' on my wrist like woah! And she can't stop look I know yo Bitch like Ohh!
So she chose, and no question if the Bitch might blow Just get her to the crib give and go like so
I'mma blow my dro I'mma pop my pill Ask anybody wanna take a shot I will
Might see me in a different color drop hot wheel wit da top down low and the glok concealed
I got my HAYABUSA booster racin' up the block 1 mil If the police try to chase me you know they a done deal
Got skillz, anybody wanna come test Look what's in this 45 be up in yo chest
Yeah I know ladies wanna kick it wit a n**** so fresh who can spend 100k any day no stress
The watches is insane the chains is grotesque stand still if you wanna like he aint no catch


I know if you got a man and you tired of bein' there and done gave to many chance you tired of bein' fair
I offer you da opportunity to ride wit a player you me and a couple a freaks in da ride wit a player
Nevermind those outside when da stare cause the chrome 24's on da ride give a glare
Because it's 1 guy and you decided to share long as you havin' da time of ya life who cares!
Man we all sinners what matters is in the center I know GOD see da heart and I'm a stand up n****
You can't beat me cause she aint man enough n**** I lookem in da eye and tellem "Man Up Nigga!!!"
You really gettin money tho a grand up nigga Wanna fight ya shoulda hit me when you ran up n****
Let a Smith and Wesson hammer bodyslam for a n**** Go and kick it wit da hoes tho yo hands up wit em'


I know dem nigga hate'n on me cause I live so special Try to stay low key but I'm still so special
Flat screens in da flo quarter mil in da dresser Jewelry box glowin like a lone little treasure
Out chillin wit Vanessa met a girl name Heather Told her "Hi, How you doin. Buy a drink? My pleasure!"
Told ya if she got her own girl go tell her dat I got her on the run I can go fo ever
Suggested if Vanessa wanna touch it just let her She laughed out loud in shock cause we just met her
But da dro gettin low and it's only one fifth and it's 4 pills left Do you wanna come with? Hey! (Hey Hey!)


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