Letra da Música: Chelovechki (Tradução) - t.A.T.u.

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Night - time not to the sleep
Away gloomy friends
Light of the sat down batteries
Run of the small shadows
Sound it is necessary to [preglushat]
It is better to lower view
They sleep - simple to open
fear - better not to wake.

The roundabouts twisted
They scattered, did not have time
[Rastrelyali] ships we
It is rapid, it is mean, foolishly, by
they are divided off on the happiness
they fly away against the wall
Little people on the spare part
Little people to the replacement.

Paul, to the failure of the eyes
Without opening the eyes
Without letting out the vapor
Without igniting the vapor
Us must be fallen in love with
Us must be divided
Us can be read
It is possible not to consider us

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