Letra da Música: The moon and the deep sea - Sandy e Junior

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Tonight we walk by the endless ocean
caught in the tide of a deep emotion
I´m feeling things that I don´t understand
how I wish that you would take my hand
I try to speak but my lips are silent
I only wish I could say what I meant
what should be easy suddenly is so hard
telling you the treasure that you are
somethings come between us
and it cannot be disguised
are those stars or tears in your eyes?
just take me into your arms
hold me closer than the night
I need to know you´re beside me
love is a powerful thing
that can never be denied
in between the moon and the deep sea
what I did I do? How do I deserve you?
Can it be so? Do you feel the same?
You must believe that I speak from my heart
without you my world will come apart
somethings come between us
and it cannot be disguised
let me dry the tears in your eyes

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