Letra da Música: Don't Tell Me You're Sorry - S Club 8

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You took me up, drew me in,
like a moth to your flame,
put your jinx in a deadly kiss,
your body locked me down in chains
i didn't read the danger signs,
till you crept into my mind
made me believe you were so in love,
I was mesmorized

Fell down to earth now baby
I heard my wake up call
your not a high i can't ge off

to little to late girl,
didnt no what you had til its gone,
don't tell me your sorry now,,
to little to late girl
can't get back whats already lost,
now your alone

I still see your reflection in,
A corner of my head,
Your the tainted mirror image that,
My heart had to reject,

So I gotta keep my distance when,
You tell me you can change,
You can't burn me with the heat of your love,
Cos I put it in the shade

Nothin you can do can phase me
Since I gt my wake up call
You can't do your damage like before


Can't turn back the clock
Can't make momentum stop,
And every time I look at you and hesitate,
I get a trigger in my mind,
That makes me rewind,
And remember how you blew my heart away

To little to late girl,
Didnt no what you had til it's gone,
To little to late girl,
Can't get back whats alredy lost,
Now your alone

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