Letra da Música: The Adventure Of a Hillbilly In The Valley Of Shadows - Raul Seixas

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Gonna tell ya friends an' neighbors,
All landlords have gone crazy
Them who put it in confusion
Can't get outta their own maze

Fuckin' system's awfull hungry
An' they're keeping an eye on ye
Try to make a revolution they'll be the leaders for a fee

Their fuckin' trap is ready and set
Keep away? That ain't so wise
'Cause if you wanna spring the contraption
First you gotta learn how works the vise

They just doggone messed the planet
The planet's like a dog with no pedigrees
But the dumbest hound too loaded
Knows the right time to shake off fleas

It's even getting hard to tell
To tell the woods from the trees
Some of'em goddamn long-haired freaks
Put away more money in few seconds
Then you can put after working weeks

Our civilization's getting so tanglefooted
It's getting to look like one of'em computahs they use
Them things look good , but let a baby poke its finger
He'll find the weak spot and blow the fuse

Some people spend their whole life long
Fighting branches untill they age and go mild
Why don't they trace the branches to the tree trunk
The trunk's the joker, and the joker's wild

You can bet I ain't got nothing to do
With all them hippie singers who write a protest song
I don't give a shit to ideals and intentions
You may meet me or meet my shadow
I just want things where they belong
Both of them are part of me

Both are running in that there rat-race
I've read the gospels of all religions
Tell me who'll win?? 'Cause I pay to see
to Philosophies and Politics I've done tribute
But in my early teens I already had my doubts
Of truth accepted as an absolute

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