Letra da Música: In This Friendly World - R.E.M.

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[andy:] hi, michael.

[michael:] hi, andy. thanks for joining us. do you
Wanna ... you wanna sing a song together?

[andy:] sure! is it a sweet song?

[michael:] yeah, it's real sweet.

[andy:] o.k.!

[they laugh.]

In this friendly, friendly world
With each day so full of joy
Why should any heart be lonely?

[andy:] my turn!
In this friendly, friendly world
With each night so full of dreams
Why should any heart be afraid?

The world is ...

[michael & andy:]
... such a wonderful place
To wander through
When you've got someone you love

To wander along with you

[andy:] o.k., now take every second word! with ...
[michael:] ... the ...
[andy:] ... sky ...
[michael:] ... so ...
[andy:] ... full ...
[michael:] ... of ...
[andy:] ... stars

[michael:] and ...
[andy:] ... the ...
[michael:] ... river ...
[andy:] ... so ...
[michael:] ... full ...
[andy:] ... of ...
[michael:] ... song, every ...

[andy:] ... heart ...
[michael:] ... should ...
[andy:] ... be ...
[michael:] ... so ...
[andy:] ... thankful
It's a friendly world! don't you think so, michael?

[michael:] yup!

[tony:] oh yeah?! what's so friendly about it?!!
This is tony clifton, and, and i demand a part in
This song! i'm just as big a part of the movie as
These guys are! and, and i will not sit back while
Some sought-after colonel kurtz wanna-be, uh, uh
Has his day in the sun! i think he's enough
Boring! i think, um, uh-uh, michael here should, uh
Sit this one out! at least the next verse, or so!

[andy:] is that o.k., michael?

[michael:] o.k.

[andy:] i don't think you have a choice.

[michael: (laughs)] o.k.

The world is such a wonderful place
Ha! to wander a-through!
Ah, when you've got someone you luh-huuuv
Ah, to wander along, ah, with yooo-hoooooo!
O.k., you go...

[michael:] with the sky so full of stars
[andy:] and the river so full of song
[michael:] welcome back, andy. every heart should be ...
[michael & andy:] ... so thankful

[andy:] thankful for this friendly, friendly world
Thank you, michael!

[michael:] thanks, andy!

[andy:] thank you all for this friendly, friendly world!

[tony:] thanks for nothing! k, where's the girls?
They in a chopper? the guy's got a chopper, right?

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