Letra da Música: Hello in there - R.E.M.

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We had an apartment in the city
Me and Loretta liked to live there
It's been years since kids have grown
All lives of their own

John and Linda live in Omaha
Joey's somewhere on the road
We lost Jony in the Korean war
I still don't know what for
Don't matter any more

Chorus: Old trees grow stronger
And old rivers grow wider everyday
But old people they just grow lonesome
Waiting for someone to say
Say hello in there ..say hello

Me and Loretta we don't talk much now
She sits and stares at the back door screen
All the news just repeat yourself
Like some forgotten dream the we've both seen

Someday I'll go and call up Rudy
We worked together at the factory
But what'll I teel him when he asks what's news?
Say not wht's whit you there's nothin' much to do

So if you walking down the street oneday
Spot some hollow ancient eyes
Don't turn around as if you din't care or you stop and stare
Say hello in there
Say hello ...

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