Letra da Música: Queen of Sorrow - Pink Cream 69

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Used To Be Just Stories Told
No Real Signs, No Laid Paths To Find
But Now There's A Place
With Answers To The Questions

From The Beast We Try To Hide
Searching For, Sanctuary Divine
We've Made Our Escape
Beyond The Grasp Of Reality

Breaking Down The Walls
We Can Build A New Tomorrow
We Can Take Away The Pain

Out Of This World,
(This World)
I Hear The Revolution Is Calling Me
Take Me Out Of This World
(This World)
The Final Destination Is Honesty
And We Shall Scream When They
Hit The Ground Running, Hit The Ground Running
Away From The Found Out Lies
Out Of This World
(This World)
The Secrets Will Be Plain To See
Right Out Of This World

Generations Come And Go
Twisted Tales Leave Confusion Behind
Pathological Cries
Won't Mask The Calls Of The Renegades

All Those Memories Locked Inside
From Our Eyes, Tucked Away
We Search And We Will Find

As The Evidence Is Shown
All The Anger Comes To Pass
We Will Rise To The Great Unknown
Are We Ready?
Now The Wounds Of The Ages Should Heal
Diabolical Mischief's Reveal
That The Powers To Be
Can Only Control Us So Much

So We Fade Away With The Light
Fade Away With The Light

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