Letra da Música: The Never Played Symphonies - Morrissey

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Reflecting from my deathbed
I'm balancing life's riches
Against the ditches
And the flat gray years in between
All I can see are the never laid
That's the never-played symphonies

I can't see those who tried to love me
All those who felt they understood me
And I can't see those who very patiently
Put up with me
All I can see are the never-laid
Ah the never-played symphonies

You were one
You meant to be one
And you jumped into my face
And laughed and kissed me on the cheek
And then were gone forever
Not quite

Black sky in the daytime
And I don't much mind dying
When there is nothing left
To care for anymore
Just the never laid
The never-played symphonies

You were one
You knew you were one
And you slipped right thru my fingers
No not literally but metaphorically
And now you're all I see
As the light fades

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