Letra da Música: Ambitious Outsiders - Morrissey

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Bolt lock your doors
Alarm your cars
And still, we move in closer
Every day
Top of the list
Is your smiling kiss
But we'll be smiling too
So, that's okay
Oh, and by the way, thank you
Because you're giving, giving, giving
And we're receiving- no no, we're TAKING
Keeping the population down
Your tax is paid
But police way-laid
And we knows when the schoolbus comes and goes
We're on your street
But you don't see us
Or if you do, you smile
And say "Hello"
But don't underestimate us
When you are giving, giving, giving
And we're receiving- no no we're TAKING
Just keeping the population down
You're giving, giving, giving
Well, it's your own fault for reproducing
We're just keeping the population down

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