Letra da Música: Thunder Thruster - Misfits

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Six super star destroyers landing in the east
They plan to form a wall, then push us to the sea
We deployed our forces, moving to attack
Those who see their eyes, never answer back

Call the high commander
Tell him of the siege we're under
We're ready to roll, we're ready to roll
We're ready to roll, get ready to rock

Missile silo doors are opened, coordinates are placed
Six billion tons of power, thrown back into their face
One blinding blast of light, after that we see
Their huge electric eyes staring back at me

Prepare the thunder thruster
Ultra-sonic molecule buster
Get ready to roll, get ready to roll
Get ready to roll, get ready to rock

They went to a hill on the shore and assembled the gun
To do a thing that before no one had done
Now we sit and we wait, we have nowhere to run
We see their lights through the night, turn the thunder thruster

With a sonic boom the waves of sound are thrust
Upon our enemies, it shatters them to dust
No one left to battle, ships pools of molten lead
But our world's destroyed, who knows how many dead

Turn off the thunder thruster
Dig a hole and put it under
Never to rock, never to rock
Never to rock, never to rock
Rock, rock, rock, roll

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