Letra da Música: Be Natural - Manic Street Preachers

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Been natural
For once in my life
Now I'll have to
Swallow some pride
Know that I should
Never give advice
But it's too late now
To say goodbye

Be natural
Don't want any friends
Be natural
Come on and hit me again
Be natural
I'm repeating myself
Be natural
Is there anything else

Star bright keep me safe
Today and tonight
No water tastes like lemonade
Slowly, slowly
It starts to fade

Be natural
With me tonight
Be natural
Put your fists in my eyes
Be natural
So turn me into stone
Be natural
Just leave me alone

Grown op
Or backwards born
Into eternity
And black holes
Floating around
Up here on my own
Screaming alt me
Forever unknown

Been natural
Is there anyone else

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