Letra da Música: Sick Again - Led Zeppelin

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On the window of your ready little scene
I'm lookin' in your eyes
One day soon you're gonna reach sixteen
Ain't a lady in the city of lights

*Oh, do you know my name
Do I look the same

You know I'm the one you want, baby
I must be the one you need, yeah

Reflections, baby, from your teenage dream
In the lobby of a hotel cafe dive
Through the circus of the L. A. queens
I passed you round, went right on by
Oh, how you play the game
Still don't know your name
You know I'm the one you want, baby
Yes I'd love to be the one you need
Oh, you got to tell me

Get this, get this
Lips like cherries on the frown of a queen
Come on, flash it right in my eyes
Said you dug me since you were thirteen
Then you giggle as you hurt inside

(* Repeat)

Baby, I got to tell you I'm the one you want
And everybody knows I'm the one you need, yeah
Oh get it, come on, now (Repeat)

Hours, hours, and the moments in between
Oh baby, I could count the times
I've thought of comin' on a plane and leavin'
Baby, dry those silver eyes

(* Repeat)

You know I'm the one you want
Yes, I'm the one you need
Oh, that's right

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