Letra da Música: Sorry - Jonas Brothers

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Listen, I'm sure
I'm not the only one
Who has had
My heart broken
So, to all the others
Who have out there
This is for you

I called
And I texted
I got us connected
I'm so sorry
I couldn't be there
For you
It wasn't my choice
To be gone
From you
I know
That I told you
I'd be there
I was a promise
I still care
I'm sorry
For breaking
The promises
I wasn't around
To keep
I wanted to tell you
I love you
But the connection
Was weak

I'm sorry
It didn't turn out
The way
That I wished
I'm sorry
At least
We had
That perfect kiss
I'm still
In love with you
I'd do
Anything for you
And, baby
I'm sorry
I know that
I broke a promise
That meant
Something to you
And if you
Were to say
I need you
I would have
Said it too

(Chorus 2x)

Listen girl
You mean the world
To me
And if I would
Have been there
For you
Maybe you would see
I'm sorry

(Chorus 2x)

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