Letra da Música: The Brand New Tennessee Waltz - Joan Baez

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Oh, My, But You Have a Pretty Face,
You Favor a Girl That I Knew,
I Imagine That She´s Still in Tennessee,
And, By God, I Schould Be There, Too
I´ve a Sadness Too Sad to Be True.
But I Left Tennessee in a Hurry, Dear,
The Same Way That I´m Leaving You,
´cause Love Is Mainly Just Memories
And Everyone´s Got Him a Few,
So When I´m Gone I´ll Be Glad to Love You.

At the Brand New Tennessee Waltz You´re Lit ´rally Waltzing On Air;
At the Brand New Tennessee Waltz There Ain´t no Telling Who Will Be There.

When I Leave It´ll Be Like I Found You, Love,
Descending Victorian Stairs,
I´m Feeling Like One of Your Photographs
I´m Trapped While I´m Putting On Airs,
And Getting Even By Asking, "Who Cares".
So, Have All of Your Passionate Violins
Play a Tune For a Tennessee Kid,
Who´s Feeling Like Leaving Another Town
With no Place to Go If He Did,
´cause They´ll Cath You Wherever You Hid.

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