Letra da Música: The 33rd of August - Joan Baez

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Today, There´s no Salvation, the Band´s Packed Up and Gone
Left Me Standing With My Penny in My Hand
There´s a Big Crowd At the Station Where the Blind Man Sings His Song
But He Can See What They Can´t Understand.

It´s the Thirty-third of August and I´m Fin´lly Touching Down
Eight Days From Sunday Finds Me Saturday Bound.

Once I Stumbled Through the Darkness, Tumbled to My Knees
A Thousand Voices Screamin´ in My Brain
Woke Up in a Squad Car, Busted Down For Vagrancy
Outside My Cell As Sure As Hell, It Looked Like Rain.

But Now I´ve Got My Dangerous Feelings Under Lock and Chain
Guess I Killed My Violent Nature With a Smile
Though the Demons Danced and Sang Their Song Within My Fevered Brain
Not All My God-like Thoughts, Lord, Were Defiled.

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