Letra da Música: Rainbow Road - Joan Baez

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I Was Born a Poor Poor Man
All My Life I Had Hard Workin' Hands
But I Sang a Song As I Carried My Load
Cuz I Had a Dream About Rainbow, Rainbow Road

Then One Day My Chance Came Along
A Man Heard Me Singin' and Playing These Old Songs
He Bought Me Fine Clothes, Paid the Money I Owed
Started Me On My Way Down Rainbow, Rainbow Road

Then One Night a Man Wiht a Knife
Pushed Me Till I Had to Take His Life
Fast As Fallin' All My Friends Were Gone
That Old Judge Traded Me a Sentence For a Song

Just Livin' With That Ball 'n Chain
Had to Wear a Number 'for They'd Ever Call My Name
Like a Dream I'm Growing Old
But We Still Sing About Rainbow, Rainbow Read

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