Letra da Música: Myths - Joan Baez

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A Myth Has Just Been Shattered
Upon the Four Winds Scattered
Back to Some Storybook From Whence It Came
Vicarious Hearts May Ache
And Try to Mend the Break
And Seek For a Righteous Place to Put the Blame

Neither of Us Knew What the Future Would Bring.
We Only Know That Now There's Some Room to Talk and Sing
The Baby Laughs a Lot and That's the Most Important Thing
And As Soon As We Can Handle the Hurt and Pain
There May Be More Than Just Happy Memories to Gain

So to Hell With All the Troubles
And Counting Up the Couples
Who Travelled This Same Route On Their Way Down
Cause If We Keep On Growing
There Is no Way of Knowing
When We'll Meet As Two New People We Just Found
We Just Found.

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