Letra da Música: Fifteen Months - Joan Baez

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The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun
Your dog has flushed a deer ans he´s on the run
And the cofee cup is cold
And the morning´s feeling very old.

Fifteen month of time my man´s been gone
The second winter now is coming on
And our fates could all be worse
But sometimes i still must curse my own.

And hello
I wish you well
Where you sleep
All in your cell

As for friends, i can´t complain, the´ve been good to me.
The fire´s burning bright, they´ve left wood for me.
And the roof has been repaired
And i thank them for the love they´ve shared.

You see there´s really nothing wrong, i´ve just got the blues
Cuz if you give a damn you´re going to pay some dues
But if you see the game we´re in
Like i do, you know in time we´ll win.

And hello
I wish you well
Where you sleep
All in your cell.

So time give me a break of a week or more
My head is reeling and my back is sore
And the baby cries for me
And i think i´ll walk by the sea alone.

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