Letra da Música: Angeline - Joan Baez

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Yesterday´s Newspapers Forecasts no Rain For Today
Yesterday´s News Was Old News, the Skies Are All Grey
Winter´s in Labor and Soon Will Give Birth to the Spring
And Sprinkle the Meadows With Flowers For My Angeline.

Heartache and Sorrow and Sadness Unendingly Find
Wings On a Mem´ry and With Them She Flies to My Mind
She Stretched Her Arms For a Moment, Then Went Back to Sleep
While Morning Stood Watching Me Ever So Silently Weak.

She Opened Her Eyes, Lord, the Minute My Feet Touched the Floor
The Cold Hard-wood Creaked With Each Step That I Made to the Door
Then I Turned to Her Gently and Said, "Hon, Just Look, It Is Spring"
Knowing Outside the Window, the Winter Looked For Angeline.

But Yesterday´s Newspaper Forecast no Rain For Today,
But Yesterday´s News Is Old News the Skies Are All Grey

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