Letra da Música: The Last Time - JJ Heller

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Daylight fades
Daylight braking through
Daylight fades
Truth defeats my love for you

This day feels wrong
I know I can't talk to you
I must be strong
Or I might run back to you

And I cannot decide
Where my heart will abide
Close to you is comfortable
And safe
But just not right

And I cannot take much more of this
My heart is hanging by a thread
I'm tired of listening to my head so

Make this the last time

I face the world alone again
Oh how I miss my closest friend
But soon we'll see the evidence
He promises a happy end

So even thought my heart feels out of my control
I know that I can say it is well my soul

So take me through this shadowland
I pray that you will hold my hand
And teach me to be who I am in you

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