Letra da Música: Houston-Lyon - Jean-Michel Jarre

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[Track 1 start]

5 seconds, we're still green.
Channel 2. KPRC TV Houston. Well, Houston's skyline is about to be transformed into a backdrop for the biggest laser light show ever seen in America.
4 seconds.
KRIB TV. Houston. Crews continued working downtown today setting the stage for saturday's spectacular show of lights, lasers, fireworks and music.
3 seconds.
Now channel 13 Eyewitness News. Rendez Vous Houston- a laser and light show is going to use downtown buildings as the stage.
2 Seconds.
The problem now as we mentioned earlier is traffic. It is horrundous at this point. Both the Katy Freeway and the north perimeter are...
Confirmation 1 second, and we're go !
Houston, we are at zero [?]

[Track 2 end]
Good Evening. I can't hear you. OK.

[Track 3 end]
Jara or Jarre or... I'd always pronounce it Jara. So I don't have any idea what's going on. He plays them great, great tunes. We've never had nothing as exciting as this, as a laser show, and the big guy from France. It's a very cultural enviroment. He blows in an instrument somewhat like a flute.

[Track 4 end]
Thank you.

[Track 5 end]
Everbody on the freeway just stopped, police has no choice but to, but to close the freeway. The most amazing sight, ever viewed, by the humen eye.
[Track 6 start]
Bon nuit!

[Track 6 end]
I didn't know where the laser show was gonna be, they didn't say anything on the news about it - kids get off my car! Erm, so, ya know, I thought is was gonna be...

[Track 7 mid]
...begining descent... ?... We copy ya down eagle..?... Tranquilty base here- the eagle has landed...

[Track 7 end]
Thank you. I would like to dedicate this next song to my friend, the astronaut Ron McNair. Ron's part will be played by Kirk Whalum.

[Track 8 end]
Thank You Kirk, Kirk Whalum!

[Track 9 end]
Bon soir

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