Letra da Música: What You Thought You Needed - Jack Johnson

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I'll can't give you
Everything you want
But i could give you
What you thought you needed
A map to keep
Beneath your sit
Your breath to me
In time i'll get you there
So fold it up so
We don't find
Our way back soon
Nobody knows we are here

We could park the van
And walk to town
Find the cheapest
Bottle of wine
That we could find
And talk about the rule
Behind our get in love
Is not a waste of time

The water moor
Will take us home
In the moment
We will sing
As the forest sleeps

So, for the sake
Of arriving with you
Well its all
For the sake
Of arriving with you

I'll make
The table into a bed
The candle is burning down
It's time to rest
Can't take back
Things already gone
I'll could give you
Promises for keeps

Now it only take them back
If they become
Your only you give'em to me

So, for the sake
Of arriving with you
Well, it's all
For the sake
Of arriving with you
We could make this
Into anything
We could make this grow
And become what we'll be

This could make
Our scent to anything
It could make us become
What we'll want to see

It's just like it feels

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