Letra da Música: Just Keep Thinking About You - Gloria Gaynor

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Alll......the time
Tell me why, just keep thinking about you baby

Tell me if you can
Why I keep thinking about you baby
Ain't at all like I just wanna
I just keep thinking about you baby
Lord knows I got things to do
But they are all neglected
Pushed aside by you
There is just no time
And my head gets crowded
Ohh yeah, you're always on my mind

Just keep thinking about you baby (day and night)
Tell me I (Just keep thinking about you baby)

There is no way
I'll stop thinking about you baby
You go with me day to day
I can't stop thinking about my baby
Just a simple story
About a lonely lady
Finding herself in love
And that is amazing
I won't be complaining
That means I would not change a thing 'cause

(Chorus 3x)

A happy ending to my story
And all because of you
You tell me that you loved me
And I believe you doo
I'm gonna be so patient
Baby just take your time
Our love keeps growing stronger
And stronger all the time

(Chorus 4x)

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