Letra da Música: Gone Too Long - Gloria Gaynor

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You said you'd never love another
Sweet words, empty promises
You swore you'd always be my lover
Look close, look into my eyes
You will realize...
My heart just ain't for hire
Times change, a new day dawned
I ain't got time for your whim and desire
Look close, look into my eyes
You will realize (Oh oh oh oh)

You want my love but there's nothing on
I wanna give but the feeling's gone
We used to be right, baby don't take it wrong
But you've been gone, gone, gone
Gone too long

While you were away, things got turned around
I found somebody who won't bring me down
No never again
No, look into my eyes you will realize (Oh, oh, oh, oh)


(While you were away) Oh, I learned to smile again
(While you were away) Oh, I learned to laugh again
(While you were away) Oh, baby everything's changed
For better, I got it together

(Can't change the way that I feel
This time my heart says it's real)

(Chorus 2x)

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