Letra da Música: Serene - Gal Costa

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Serene wild and blue
Your skin in nights when all we see
Or hear is the new moon
All of me is lost in you
Sleep on genius
I fear your heart is
Darker than blue
Or than mine is
Astray, or at peace askew
Close as a breeze or my own health
I saw you yearn
Afloat in some
Will i break break down and go to sleep too
At down, serene
Day break lost at sea
You move your lips when someone speaks
My hair sticks to your cheek
If i stare or if i peek
Sleep on genius
I'm near your heart
I climb those steps
Hold my breath in
In peace, on some peak, at peace
Close as the mail, close as the page
Lines thrown away
Alone on some
Great stage
May i break break down and go to sleep too
At dawn, serene, with.

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