Letra da Música: Born to Be a Thug - G-Unit

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Daddy when you comin home?..I wish I could tell you but Idont know, if you dont work you dont eat just be good whiile I'm gone..Daddy when you comin home??..Im hustlin I'll be back in a week make sure you do your homework and kiss your momma for me..Daddy when you comin home??...Dont ask me no mo I'm bout to go..Can I go with you daddy??..Lil girl shut my door..Daddy when you comin home??..You know I'll be back I got to but for now i go to do what i got to do, I love you

Verse 1

I know I run the streets to much but that's my life, and for u ill trade it all my house, car, my ice, every night I look at u and thank god, knowin' u got everything u want and I aint even got a job, not to mention this thug life im livin, I neva let u go off sleepin in them brick buildins (fuck that) the day u was born me n my niggas popped bottles, when in the hospital drunk to go and see my daughter, u atta seen the look in my eyes to see my baby girl cry, the happiest day in my life to see my baby girl smile, it's a big world now so u kno to take it slo, u don't need a nigga for nothing, ya daddy got dough, u gone live where u want to, drive where u want to as long as u alive u gon do wut u wan do, I put my life on the line for me and mine and when I leave man she say it everytime


Verse 2

U think I like spending nights on the streets, I do that so daddy can keep nike's on ya feet, see the reason u cant come in the kitchen im cookin chicken, we gon go to the mall and ball soon as daddy finish, let me take care my business for a minute, and anything u want I promise we gon get it, cant wait to see my baby graduate, when that day come rolex, baguettes daddy gon pay for em, once a man make one he'll see the way that I feel, kno there aint no games to be played, shit to real, and since kids bring bills u kno it cost a lil betta be working or tworkin something that kid need meals, I got my baby tattooed on my arm, septemba 27th is the day she was born, unitl I get back just hold it for papa, it hurt my heart everytime to hear u holla


Verse 3

I kno wut its like to grow up wishin for a daddy, my baby will neva grow up livin unhappy, I spent my whole life without my fatha, it bothered me bad, I thank god for my momma, she's all I had, a nigga turned to the streets to raise me, I dropped outta high school but look wut it made me, the chances I neva had, my baby gon have, so when my baby in high school my baby gone pass, I sit and laugh cuz u kno that ya look just like me, and me neva comin home is highly unlikely, just kno that everything I do is meant for me n u, P.S. yo daddy YOUNG BUCK, I love you

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