Letra da Música: Atl to NYC to LA(ft. Akon) - G-Unit

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Case you aint know, i go by the name of
Akon, and im from
*africa africa *
Home of the gordo island im from senegal westside
*africa africa*
So imma share with you on where im from and how i was commin up
*africa africa*


So what you know about?
The struggles that my people went through so that you could live the way you live now
Say what you know about?
Seeing that brand new mother givin away her new born child
Say what you know about?
Mr.imadojala the senegal east cops shot down
Say what you know about ?
How people love to percieve us when we comin to a brand new town
Now what you know abooouutt?
Gordae island where all the slaves where shipped frooomm
What you know abooouutt?
Being born in america to avoid imagration

Still from the ghett oooo of senagal
*africa africa*
Comin from the ghetoooo of senegal x3
*africa africa*

So what you know about?
Jebujen yasa , jedde and mafae my favorite foods
Say what you know about?
Ni**** throwin rocks bustin shots at the military invadin my hood
So what you know about?
Kids with atomatic machines waiting for the war to get on their side,
So what you know about?
God comes first in our lives everything that we do is for allah
So what you know abouout ?
That holy place called tooba where prophets were born
So what you know aboutoutout?
Comin here getting money investin it back home

Right in the ghettoooo oo of senegal
*africa africa*
Give it from the ghettoooo of senegal
*africa africa*
Take it to the ghetto of senegal
*africa africa*
Send it right to the ghetto of senegal
*africa africa*

Now see there thats just a little piece of
*africa africa
See we can come together and make it alot better back home
Africa africa

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