Letra da Música: 8 More Miles - G-Unit

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This rap shit playz a major part of my life
So if ya jeprodize it i got tha right
Ta send a mutha fucka at ya tonight
G unit
Man i aint stoppin till my clip poppin
Swimmin in piles of money
I could walk around wid a hit and shower u bloddy itz funny
Niggaz rather see u sufferin n hungry
Im comfy as hell skatin wid another niggaz money
U lyin ur ass of
U kno u aint that tough
Im pullin the mask off
As soon as u act up
U kno wat i came for
A peice of the game board
R to elivers bout as long as a chainsaw
Im wide awake but it still feelz like im dreamin
40 calbz under my pillow condom fillin my semen
Physical presence a female a form of a demon thats y i
Fuck em n leave em get my nut wile im breathin
They thought they caught me slippin now im duckin n drippin
Thats a thousand dolla outfit wat the fuck is u rippin u trippin
Get rede go get my ass in position
Death waits for no religion wether caltholic or chrisitan
I went thru mama bitchin in n out tha kitchen
Wit probable cause n probables in n out the prison
U got soilders but u still gotta respect tha heartz
We got for 4 5z n 9z then a deck of cardz

U can take me out the hood but cant take the hood out me
(cuz wat)
Cuz im ghetto
(im ghetto)
Niggaz hate wen u do good but wen u broke
Ur frends n ur enimes they love you..they love you
Cheechy get the yayo
Picture bein outta crack picture me tripz on tha train
Cheechy get the yayo picture me outta crack..
(tony yayo)
U can sniff me cut me ill turn ya to a junkie
Im tha numba 1 sella in tha whole fuckin country
Wall street niggaz they got me on tha low
White boyz dont call me coke they call me blow
Its time to go
On tha bus tha plane tha train ill smuggle
Im nuthin but trouble
Make ya money double cook me in bakin soda
Ill turn ya hooprock into a new rangerover
Ill pay all ya billz n fill ya fridgerator
Feed ya family turn ya man to a hata
Put me in tha door panels of ya stash box
Put me in ya nikez timz n rebokz
U cop 3 n a half u movin backwardz
U cop a hundred gramz u movin forwardz
Tryna moove all birdz
In pa all day on tha corner of third nigga whaaa

U can take me out tha hood but cant take the hood out me
(cuz wat)
Cuz im ghetto
(im ghetto)
Picture me hollow pistolz im comin to get ya the shellz hit u ya screamin
Think im playin i mean it
Mann i dun bought all these pistolz
Lets get it poppin
Shellz wavin my remorse cases get it droppin
If its round the corner i got too much pride to hide im outside
Gun in my pocket u stunin ill stop it
Im dyin ta pop it im young n im restless i kno my contestens
Since the world turnz therez lessons to be learned
Count all my blessins clean all my weaponz im rede for war
The strong survive the weak shall parish i told ya before
Hoez dey compliment me now like 50 nice chain
Malazio 20 gramz of chips at the dice gamez
Word now gotta stop gotta watch mtv bet
Nigga u see me
I wonada if u mad cuz im duin good
Or cuz niggaz feelin me more than u in yo hood
N it hurtz cuz u love em n they dont love u back
Cuz they kno u juss rappin n u dont bussa gat
U pussy

(yea explain that to the niggaz in yo hood nigga they kno u fuckin frontin.
Talkin all that gangsta shit on a record. i see u nigga.
Niggaz kno me nigga
Ask about in my hood nigga read tha daily news nigga
U see em talkin bout me nigga
Im in tha middle of all kinds of shit..pussy..lets get it poppin)

G g g g unit

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