Letra da Música: Roaches - G. Love And Special Sauce

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(phone dialing)
(answering machine)please leave a message.......please....leave me a
Message.....leave a message!

G is so sloppy he needs to wear a bib
Food on the table got roaches in the crib
The roaches are so big they eat the toast right out the toaster
They should let go of my ego put the bum(?)...on a coaster

Roaches in the crib man we need some exterminators
Turn on the lights there was the roach congregation
The mass on sunday
They was havin' a fun day
Eatin my sunday

(they was eatin your food?)

Yeah the roaches in my crib man they really gettin rude
Me and g got more flavors than hostess
So leave a message for me, g or the roaches...

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