Letra da Música: Missing My Baby - G. Love And Special Sauce

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When that moon comes shinin' through them clouds
Don't you know that I'm missin' my baby, Yeah, Yeah
I know I've been gone a long long time and
you sure do miss your man and baby I can understand
You being mad cause I've been gone so long
I've gonna tell you baby, hold on, baby hold on

Listen girl..if you wanna find
another man while I'm gone
I'm gonna tell you now, hold on, baby hold on
My love as always comin' on strong
you won't have to wait to long
cause I'm on my way back home
Don't you know that I'm missin my baby, yeah, yeahhh
Missin' my baby, ohhhhhh
Just missin my baby, yeah, yeahh

Listen now..

You know you make me feel higher
When you call me on the telephone wire
and you say my name
Please, don't play these foolish games
Umm, cause I'm standing down here by the payphone
In the poorin' rain and Im' runnin' out of change

And I'm missin' my baby, yeah yeah
I mean to tell you, I'm missin' my baby
Take me baby..


(Insert real tasty keyboard solo)

I'm comin back to you baby
here I come, baby, here I come now


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