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The Food Song

Recipes are just combinations
And what are these just mere salutations
When they plead for our salvation
Are these just the lies that feed our nations

As enemies we never learn
A shaking hand is never firm
But as the path clears we live and learn from it all

All these jealousies we have earned
Oh so shamelessly they still return
All the outlandish lessons we have burned
Yes and we're imprisoned by the whole thing

Who gets something really good to eat
Why do we want the world to fall at our feet
Like a child throws its food to the floor
Like an apple that is rotten to the core

As all the memories they kick in
The gravy, it is thickening
The combination is sickening
But we still press on

And as all the memories they kick
While the gravy it is thickening
And the combination is sickening
But we still press on

How to know what's in your head
How to know if your just playing dead
But it's all gonna be that way when you say your alone andimprisoned by your yesterdays

Oh you know what you really want
But yet you've turned yourself into what you don't really wannabe
Jere we are and we know don't have to be that way
yes u know it

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