Letra da Música: Oceano (Tradução) - Djavan

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As soon that the sunrise appeared there in the high sea of passion
I could see the time ruining out

Where are you?
What a loneliness!
Did you forget about me?

At last,
From everything on earth
There's nothing on any place
None place
That will make it grown up
Without you to come first

Far away from you everything stopped
No one knows
What I've bee through

Loving is a wilderness and its own fears
Life that goes by the seal
Of these pains

It doesn't know how to come back
To give me its warmth

Come on to make happy
Because I love you

You overflow on me
And I'm the ocean
And I forgot that loving
Is almost a pain

I just
Know living
If it's Living for yourÂ…

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