Letra da Música: Rock! Rock! Till You Drop - Def Leppard

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Hold onto your hat, hold onto your heart
Ready, get set to tear this place apart
Don't need a ticket, only place in town
That'll take you up to heaven and never bring you down
Anything goes!
Anything goes!
Women to the left, women to the right
There to entertain and take you thru the night
So grab a little heat and come along with me
'Cos your mama don't mind what your mama don't see
Anything goes! (That's right)
(Come on) Anything goes!(Ooh oh)

I say Rock! Rock! till you drop
Rock! Rock! never stop
Rock! Rock! till you drop
I say Rock! Rock! to the top

Ridin' into danger, laughin' all the way
Fast, free and easy, livin' for today
Gotta lip service, get it while you can
Hot, sweat'n'nervous love on demand
Anything goes! (Oh)
Anything goes! (All night long)

repeat CHORUS

Oh yeah! Let's shout!


Rock! Rock! give it to me
It's what I got goin' thru me
Don't ever stop, (whoah) do it to me
Yeah, Rock! Rock! You really move me
Whoah yeah
Here we go!

Rock! Rock! till you drop
Oh Rock! Rock! never stop
Come on Rock! Rock! till you drop
We're gonna rock ya till your drop it and take it to the top
Rock! Rock! till you drop (Baby)
Rock! Rock! never stop
(C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!)
Hold on, hold on, hold tight
We're gonna rock tonight
Too loud man, too loud

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