Letra da Música: Miss You In A Heartbeat (Eletric Version) - Def Leppard

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I believe, (a)that there's something deep inside
That shouldn't be from time to time.
I sure found out, though love was such a crime
The more you care, the more you fall

No need to worry, no need to turn away
'Cause it don't matter, anyway
Ooh, I miss you in a heartbeat
(Ooh), I miss you right away
(Ooh, I miss you in a heartbeat)
'Cause it ain't love, (Oh), if it don't feel that way

When we touch, I just lose my self control
I sense sensation I can't hide
To love is easy, it ain't easy to walk away
I keep the faith and there's a reason why, yeah

repeat CHORUS

Ain't big on promises, but I'll be true to you
'Cause I'd do 'bout anything
for some one like... I'm ready for you


(Ooh, I miss you in a heartbeat)
I said baby
I miss you right away
(Ooh, I miss you in a heartbeat)
It ain't love

repeat to fade

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