Letra da Música: The Sharp Hint Of New Tears - Dashboard Confessional

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On the way home, this car hears my confessions.
I think tonight I'll take the long way.
This weather. The wind outside is bitting.
It has left me feeling tired and exposed.
You've been asking me to bleed.
It seems these kinds of questions come too easy to you now.
Your lack of shame comes naturally.
I should not be surprised. I should have seen it sooner.

You expect me to apologize for things that you've done wrong.
While you're inciting others.
You're owning up to nothing and I wish that I was gone,
because you're not going anywhere.

This damp air is fighting my defroster.
My sighs they ring victorious and fog this tinted glass.
It's clouded and so is my head.
The hint of these new tears are sharp I try to hold them back.
It's useless. I am useless against them. They are beating me withease.

On the way home this car hears my confessions.
I think tonight I'll take the long way.

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