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We used to pray for daggers.
We used to let them shy in our eyes.
I've been bleeding threw these fingers
waiting for things I knew
but I was so sad and
frightened not to alarm.
Am I guilt for it...
Yes, silence is crime.
And there's a crying truth
beneath these sincere stands.
How to think or figure
when nothing remains for us both?
We can't fire the siren so
we'll let the blank
fields light our celebration and rescue
the dedication our lightened souls
let fade out in our hearts.
Would you help spread it?
Keep safe my route (just tell me stories about eternal pain).
We'll loose hands as I leave.
Yeah, it's my pleasure darling,
but now how will it remain for our lives?
Why must we think so much
when we both know that
we always end up staring
into the blank sight of our bedrooms?
Celebrate Isolation...
celebrate as your ghosts silent rise!!!
So wait till the sun bring light to your life
and see the glorious days
were made of foolish gold.
Hold your truth and never watch...
memories will soon become another rainy day
for the meaning of our past.

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