Letra da Música: Club Of a Month - Coldplay

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If the ladies in the disco club
Are freaking in the disco club
And dancing in the disco club
And shaking in the disco club
I´ll take you to the disco club

Yeah, i´m trying to party on out
Step to the disco can´t work it out
Let´s get go and this party started now
Parties and getting naughty is what i´m all about
So many girlies in the house
With slanging ass bodies and perty ass mouths
After the club we´re going straight to my house
(i got to, go to) gotta get you on my couch
I rock steady, no doubt
You ask for some of us so i let you turn it out
Don´t give me gomma baby, baby don´t pout
I don´t want a baby, momma, don´t want a spouse

Chorus 2x

I like the way that you move (move)
Don´t hold back, baby, do what you do (don´t make me)
You make a nigga go ooh (ooh)
How the hell a woman get as fine as you (so fine)
I´m trying to holler at you (you)
First time i see ya´ i was like 'hallelujah´ (hallelujah!)
Turn around, let me view ya´
(got to, got to, got to) damn i wanna do ya´ (oh!)
Baby let´s get into it (into it)
Make moves like me and you was intimate (intimate)
(sexy) let´s pretend that this beat is a hot beat blown with intimate
(hotness) sex with clothes on
Dancing on the dance floor, getting my bulge on
(rising) and i got a trojan
Just in case we get it, get it going on


Coz the ladies in the disco club ain´t the ones to be falling in love with
If you go to the disco club protect yourself and don´t fall in love
The ladies in the disco club ain´t the ones to be falling in love with [2x]

Playa listen, yeah, i´m a miss and i go to clubs and i sip on cresson

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