Letra da Música: Tell Me Why - Circle Jerks

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Tell me why?
Why are they always pushing me
Block my vision so I can't see
Hold me down while they grind on me
Mind your own just let me be

Corporate men bankers and friends
Laugh as they play monopoly
Puppets and pawns set up the scene
fronting a false reality
Media hype runs down a pipe
People believing what they say
Closer to you ever could see
Yeah, but it seems so far away

Watch your mouth mind your speech
Be aware stay on your feet
Try to run get you when you're weak
Why are they always hounding me?

Why, tell me why
Mothers crying sons are dying
Sounds of weapons bullets flying
Never giving always taking
Filled with lies always faking
Never caring and never sharing
Always rough and overbearing

Why do you want to fight with me?
Tell me why

Sell them tractors and give them seeds
Help them boost their economies
Let them up hear their pleas
Mind your own just set them free

Corporate man bankers and friends
Thinking they can run the show
Never think you ever could see
Yeah its closer than you know

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