Letra da Música: Protection - Circle Jerks

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Take care beware you need protection
Like the monkey in the jungle don't slip watch the curb
You need protection there's a car coming your name's on it

But the whales in the ocean you could be come extint
Don't let them haunt us
You know what i'm thinking
You better believe all the animals need protection
You need protection

Kill this cigarette slip with the matches brush fires burning
Animals on the run who's gonna help them now there's nowhere to
You need protection
You need protection i need protection too

In a square package some call it prevention
You wanna have some fun you need protection
There's a killer disease running wild it's out to get you
All those people they need protection
Standing still in great masses give them some shelter
There's a nuclear rain coming soon get your lead umbrella
You need protection i need protection too

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