Letra da Música: Gimme That - Chris Brown

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Gimme That

Starch! S. Dot!
Is the dynamic duo!

Wo-womp, wonp, wo-womp, womp, wo-womp
Wo-womp, it's what you body's sayingÂ…
wo-womp, Chris Brown is in the buildingÂ…

The young boy just turned sixteen and I got
Six-four's and hot bikes that I rock
Keep three or four sweeties on my clock
But all that swingin' in that bikini just make am dizzy
Slow all the traffic down to a complete stop
'cause you speakin' that slang that I talk
That sassy tempo with that walk
Maybe the reason that all these teeniest may never see me

Mama you may be three years older but you hot (Gimme that)
You be talking like you like what I got (Gimme that)
I know you like it how I lean in a lack you could be in the back saying
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (BIS)

Ma, take a break let me explain to you
What your body got a young boy ready to do
If you take a chance to let me put them this on you
I can show you why I make them straight as in school
I'm a hustle, trust my frame and age
Got you thinking that I'm just too young to turn your page?
I can picture us switching lanes
In the coupe, what you want girl, screaming my name


Wo-womp, wonp, wo-womp, womp, wo-womp, girl you serious and I be watchin' you
Wo-womp, wonp, wo-womp, womp, wo-womp, this what your body sayin'
Wo-womp, wonp, wo-womp, womp, wo-womp
Wo-womp, wonp, wo-womp, womp, wo-womp
These want your body sayin' (Oh!)


Yeah, ha, yeah, ma, don't be, fronting like you
Don't know what's going onÂ…

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