Letra da Música: You Better Sit Down Kids - Cher

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You better sit down kids
I'll tell you why, kids
You might not understand, kids
But give it a try, kids

Now how should I put this
I've got something to say
Your mother is staying
But I'm going away

No, we're not mad, kids
And it's hard to say why
Your mother and I, kids
Don't see eye to eye


Say your prayers before you go to bed
Make sure you get yourself
To school on time
I know you'll do the things your mother asks
She's gonna need you more so stay in line
Keep in mind your mother's gonna need your help
A whole lot more than she ever did before
No more fights over little things
'Cause I won't be here to stop 'em anymore

I know you don't want this
And neither do we
But sometimes things happen
That we can't foresee

Now try to be calm, kids
And don't look so sad
Just cause I am leaving
I'll still be your dad

Just remember I love you
And though I'm not here
Just call if you need me
And I'll always be near


Well I have to go now
So kiss me goodbye
My eyes are just red kids
I'm too big to cry

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