Letra da Música: What About The Moonlight - Cher

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You 're telling me
You don't want to be
Had enough of life
I see your shoulders
Falling at the mountain
You once loved to climb

Don't you wanna talk about it
Well saying that there's no life
Left inside you


What about your loves?
What about your dreams?
What about the change tomorrow brings?
What about the moonlight?
What about the way you sigh?
When it touches you?

On your knees in the teeth of failure
It's got you gagged and bond
You say it's killing you
But listen now I'm telling you
Your better days are to come

Set your site on simple beauty
Like the way that my eyes shine
When I'm around you


Nobody said it would be easy
To take the fall and stand
Just wrap your arms tight around me
And we'll stumble together
Until we learn to dance

What about your love
What about your dreams
What about your life?
What about your dreams


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