Letra da Música: Make The Man Love Me - Cher

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Lord, I haven't asked for anything
In such a long, long time
Not since that that brand new party dress
When I was eight or nine

And I know the world's in such a state
You got a lot to do
But if you ever find yourself
With a minute or two
Won't you please


Make the man love me
Oh make me the man see
I'd be so good for him
If he'd start letting in me
Oh come on now
Make the man love me
Oh make the man the care
Open up his heart lord
And I'll take it from there

Lord I know that he needs me
It's just that he don't know
And my heart's so full of him
It's gonna overflow

And so if you should have
A miracle you wanna do of right
Oh won't you take him by the hand
And show him the light
Won't you please


Oh I want him Lord
How I want him
To make some love to me
Won't you make him see
How sweet it could be
So come on, come on now


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