Letra da Música: I'd Rather Believe In You - Cher

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Got another phone call
Someone wants to help
It's time I learned the truth, they said
About the lies you tell
Though it's hard to hide my fear
What I heard is true
I'd rather trust the memories
Of years of loving you

Oh, yes (yes), yes (yes)
I'd rather believe in you
Yes (yes), yes (yes)
Oh, I'd rather believe in you
I know we've had our share
Of troubles long within the past
Still I know
I'd rather believe
Rather believe in you

No papers here to bind you
Only love to make you stay
Stories never latch
To either one in anyway
Regardless of the many stories
I heard of things you do
Until you show me differently
I'd rather believe in you


No, no, no
I don't wanna hear anymore
Oh, don'tcha know
That I heard it all before


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