Letra da Música: Do What You Gotta Do - Cher

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Girl I can understand how it might be
Kind of hard to love a guy like me
I don't blame you much
For wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

I've loved you better
Than your own kin did
From the very start
And it's my own fault
For what happens to my heart
See I knew you'd always go

But you just do what you gotta do
My wild sweet love
If it should mean I never
Kiss your sweet lips again
Hey there's no mind
Chase that dapple dream of yours
Come on back and see me
When you can, oh

Now I know it makes you sad
Makes you feel so bad
They don't treat you like they should
They got ways to make you feel no good
Though they've got no way to know

Well I've had my eyes wide open
From the very start
And that's the part of you
They'll never get to see
But it's the part you showed to me

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