Letra da Música: Dixie - Cher

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Wish I was in the land of cotton
There's a man waiting there
Who'll never be forgotten
Why did I have to go?
Why did I go away?

It was early on one frosty morning
I left the sleepy town I was born in
I wrote a letter that said I was going
And I layed it beside your bed

And now the concrete hurts my feet
New York's too big a city for me
Back down south from Dixie beside you
Honey is where I wanna be


And then my cotton gown'll come tumblin' down
I'll make ya feel like a hell of a man
I wanna be held tight in your arms tonight
In my sweet old Dixie land
Darling it seems like forever
Does the Mississippi still run free
I miss a little bit of Heaven
And your southern hospitality

These neon lights drive me crazy
I wanna lay next to you and be lazy
Where the sweet magnolia blossoms
In the early morning Georgia air

Tonight it looks like snow
But this Gray Hound's starting to roll
I gonna be whistelin' Dixie
All the way back home to you


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