Letra da Música: Dixie Girl - Cher

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When I was a little girl in Dixie
I used to chase the fireflies
Then I grew up and started chasing the guys
Teenage romance what just the thing
Till I got in a family way
Now I'm on my own
And only working in a cheap café


Waiting on tables and passing myself around
Dixie girl, you're the small talk
In a small talking town
I fall in love every day with someone
Who ends up just driving away
While I'm dreaming I'm with him
Going down that west-bound highway

One night a man walked in, he smiled
Took me for a ride in his brand new cadillac
Told me he loved me with all his heart
I told him I loved him too
He said "Goodbye Dixie, I'll be back for you"


Now all I do is read those
Hollywood photograph magazines
Work my shifts for tips
And live alone in my dreams
I'm a Dixie girl who prays some day
She'll be a Delta queen
Find a good man who'll raise me and my baby
Still, I'm


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